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Serb and Croat hatred for the Islamic ideal is mirrored by Norwegian establishment terror. You Muslims must stay on guard.

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From Schøne to Breivik
- 30 years of Norwegian bigotry

Hatred for Islam permeates all levels of society in Norway. Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the extreme manifestation of this bigotry. But the Norwegian establishment bears a heavy burden of responsibilty: they openly participated in the Muslim-bashing year in, year out as this website amply records. (See the Pretty Face link, Norway Uncovered link and A general hatred of Muslims? link). Former Justice minister Knut Storberget has a lot to answer for.



Judge Sverre Erik Jebens at the European Court of Human Rights
voted in favour of his own country to protect his home grown Norwegian deviants.

Hans Erik Matre
Editor of Aftenposten:
Bigotry was a tool of his trade.
Taunted Muslims with impunity.

New Statesman 23 April 2012



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